Spaces that are functional, livable and have distinct style are possible for everyone.

​- Carrie Drosnes



What is CDOD

CARRIE DROSNES ORGANIZATION & DESIGN is a personalized lifestyle service that specializes in declutter, organizing and styling.

In a world where we have too much stuff and too little time, Carrie Drosnes will give you the exceptionally organized and beautifully styled space you’ve dreamed of.

Carrie’s passion is for creating organized, simplified, exquisite spaces for her clients. Her laser-focus on detail, and natural ability to see structure hidden in chaos makes her organizational skills unparalleled.Carrie Drosnes Organization and Design

Carrie’s decade-long career includes numerous seasons as a design producer for renovation-focused reality TV shows on networks such as HGTV and includes among others, Extreme Makeover Home Edition w/Ty Pennington, The Nate Berkus Show, and Bar Rescue.

From these experiences she gleaned exceptional insights from the celebrity designers who hosted the programs, as well as the everyday folks they designed for. Her work both on TV and in the private sector has given her a deep understanding of the limitless sizes, conditions and needs of spaces and – just as important – the people who use them.

Simplicity is the key to success in all areas of lifestyle design.

DeClutter & Organization  


Do the words Declutter and/or Organize make you break out in a cold sweat? Do you think, “How can I declutter and organize my home?” and then panic? Don’t panic!

Carrie is a decluttering & organizing expert with 10+ years of experience. She has an innate and rare nature that is understanding,  kind and non judgmental, and she will work directly with you in a discreet, quick and methodical manner eliminating items that you do not need, organizing the ones you do and freeing yourself, your family and/or your co-workers from the ‘chaos of stuff’.
The freedom a decluttered and organized space can bring is remarkable, and in turn can open the door, if desired, for some new or restyled design, or simply a better functioning space.

No matter what the space is, the size of it or how cluttered and disorganized it is, Carrie will get you simplified, pared down and breathing freely, so you can spend your time doing what you love, in a space you actually love being in and sharing with others.

** Consultation is complimentary. Rate is based on scope of project **



“Carrie and I worked on many projects together. She’s got skills in every aspect of creating, problem solving, from idea thru multi tasking and the final push toward execution.  In other words Carrie can carry her weight in a fight against time or budget.”  –Ty Pennington, Host, Designer



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